Thrie Malee Gold House

About Us

Thrie Malee Gold House History

In 1974, Mr. Ebert Rajasekera started a small workshop with a group of five craftsmen and in 1980 he established a company named ‘Malee Wholesale Jewellery Manufacture’.

In 1992 Mr. Ebert Rajasekera rebranded Malee Wholesale jewellery to ‘Thrie Malee Gold House’ and move the company to a new building situated at No.594/1, Kandy Road Nittambuwa.

With the intention of giving the company a whole new and luxurious outlook, it was outfitted in 2003 to provide customers with finer quality service.

In 2009 Thrie Malee Gold House has expanded its future vales with their synchronized customers by providing large variety of production scale such as Bridal Jewellery and White Gold production segments.

After participating several international exhibitions and highly regarded by our global clients , Thrie Malee Gold House has decided to launch their own website to access our fine hand crafted jewellery segments in 2010.

In 2012 Thrie Malee Gold House has introduced Total Quality Management (TQM) and Just In Time (JIT) management systems to improve the quality of products, processes and customer satisfaction. As a result, we have won the people’s hearts.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create jewellery that is beyond comparison.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve our customers significantly by providing quality, unique, glamorous and eternal jewellery.


Our values are high quality and fair prices.


Thrie Malee’s gold jewelries are crafted with great care in our workshops and subjected to a series of rigorous tests. We offer a Life Time Warranty Only for Gold Metal. This warranty does not cover damage arising from normal wear and tear, accidents or improper use.